Family and pregnancy photographer in Ramat Gan Israel

   In the past, family portraits were the privilege of the nobility. Rich family hired an artist to write a family portrait. Such a portrait could cost as much as the annual salary of a servant.

   The family dressed up in their most beautiful clothes and few days in a row got together for a boring sketching sessions.

    Today, anyone can afford a family portrait, as a modern family photo shoot don’t cost the annual salary and you don’t have to spend a few days on it as it requires only a couple of hours in the studio, at home or outdoors with a professional family photographer in Israel.

   It is impossible to convey what a pleasant feeling it is to meet a person who has a picture of his family on a desktop. It instantly makes me sympathetic and warm towards him. To my great disappointment, I see it less and less. Family portrait will show others that you are a person with a sense of taste, style, and your family is important to you.

בוק הריון ומשפחה

בוק הריון ומשפחה

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