Ideas for maternity session

Waiting for the birth of a new life – the most amazing and memorable nine months in the life of every woman.

   That is why, professional and beautiful pregnancy photos are very important. You will show them to your baby, responding to a toddler’s favorite question, “Where did I come from?”.

   Photo shoot of the future mother can be made both in the studio and at home, but especially beautiful pictures are made outside in nature. A beautiful woman in complete harmony with nature – what could be better?

Despite the fact, where the shoot will be made, you can take the appropriate clothing and props with you.

For example: for creative moms, to emphasize the sensuality and warmth: embroidery, painting, knitting and sewing.

If the session is in your home then pajamas, comfortable bed, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals or a carpet, will create an atmosphere of love, tenderness and warmth.

Flowers are always relevant.

It’s very popular to take photographs with meters of fabrics and ribbons, tied at the waist, but personally I’m in favor of creativity and originality.

Ideas for maternity photography


תמונות הריון מיוחדות בתל אביב



צילומי הריון במרכז הארץ

צילום-הריון-במרכז (1)


תמונות הריון מיוחדות בסטודיו



צילום-הריון-במרכז (3)



pregnancy-keisariya- (3)

צילומי הריון ייחודיים ברמת גן

צילומי הריון מיוחדים במרכז

Here are some original ideas for a pregnancy photo shoot:

– Naked woman on a tank, opposing the war with new life (long-cherished idea, but so far no woman gave her consent to such photo shoot. Maybe it will be you.)

– A woman on a water mattress in a pool. Great contrast between the beautiful delicate skin and blue water.

– A woman on a couch with a “bucket” of pickles, mesmerized by the TV.

– Creative body art on the tummy (in this case, cannot do without an artist). For instance an image of a safe on a mom’s stomach while the dad is trying to crack the combination to get the treasure kept in the safe.

– For people with a sense of humor: the expectant mother in a nun or a super-heroine costume.

– Although it may sound corny, never saw a photo shoot on a field of cabbages :)

In any case, I hope you will find the right pregnancy photographer who will be able to realize the quality and beauty of the idea that you’ll choose.