Getting ready for a photo shoot

It is no secret that the guarantee for a successful portrait photography is not only due to the professionalism, talent and skills of the photographer, but also to the efforts of the model. In this article I will reveal the secrets of how to prepare to the upcoming photo shoot.

   So, you have decided that all the photos that you’ve made on the cell phone or your simple camera are radically different from how you see yourself in the mirror and want something extraordinary, with the  right light (yep, this is the most important thing in photography). You want a photo that will be completely different from the photo you have on your driver’s license.

   You’ve called a photographer and set the date for the shoot. But before that, you too, are required to make some effort:

1. Be sure to get enough sleep on the night before the shoot. Be sure to know that “bags” under the eyes, cannot be effectively hidden with make-up. If by any chance, a great miracle will happen, and you’ll get a make-up artist, who’ll be able to cope with this problem, I will congratulate you, but more often it looks unnatural. Or, if you think that Photoshop works wonders, then, yes, you are right. But! You strive to ensure that each photo looked great, and no photographer will do a thorough touch-up of 100, 200 or even 1000 photos. So, listen to this advice.

2. Make sure that the nails on the hands and feet were dyed bright paint colors (in case you have to get naked, but that’s for another article). Let me explain why. If you have a close-up portrait, involving beautiful graceful hands in the frame, then, for example, red nails will distract from the beautiful eyes. Or, in case you are planning to change your clothes a few times during the photo session, then the color of the nails may not be compatible to a beautiful piece of your wardrobe. You’ll be better off with french manicure or  translucent lacquer.

3. What should you bring to the photo shoot. Select in advance from your wardrobe the clothes in which you look your best. Select different accessories: scarves, jewelry, interesting umbrellas, etc. You never know in advance what might be useful. (For example, usually my models come to me at least with a suitcase full of things). Always check that all things are clean (a spot on your favorite dress can spoil the mood during the shoot). Iron you clothes and transport them carefully as not to wrinkle them. Of course, if the photo shoot is not on the street, but in the studio, it’s likely there will be an ironing board, but who wants to spend precious time on ironing, when a thrilling adventure in the world of photography awaits you?

4. Be sure to wash your hair on the day of the shoot. Do not apply styling products. No need to explain why.1

5. On a large portrait, every detail is visible and groomed eyebrows only contribute to a more expressive look. Groom your eyebrows the day before. As a rule the skin gets red after that. Of course, a makeup artist can hide that, but we do not need that extra trouble.

6. If you want to look tanned, then take care of it in advance. A week or two before the shoot, start going to the solarium. Or use a bronzer (tested). In any case, do not do this the day before the upcoming photo shoot. Sometimes surprises are not very pleasant.

7. On the day of the shooting, try not to overexert yourself. It is undesirable to engage in any physical activity on the day of the shooting. Only professional models know what a hard job it is – posing for the camera. Most likely, you will get tired mentally and physically. So it is best not to aggravate the situation.

8. Be sure to come to the photo shoot only in a positive mood. A good photographer knows how to capture the mood reflected in the look and the attitude of the model. Therefore, before you leave, listen to your favorite music or eat something light and tasty.

To summarize all the above, here is a short list of what to do and what not to do before your shoot:

1. Get a good night sleep.

2. Get a french manicure and pedicure with a skin colored or translucent lacquer.

3. Wash and iron your clothes.

4. Wash your hair.

5. Groom your eyebrows the day before the shoot.

6. Take care of your tan in advance.

7. Relax, listen to some nice music.