Original ideas for Trash the Dress

Post wedding photo session, the so-called «Trash the dress», that has long become popular in the United States, Canada and Australia, now coming into fashion in Israel. I find this idea very interesting and amusing. It is commonly thought that a wedding dress is made to be worn only once. But why not use it again in a photo shoot to get stunning photos?

Basically, the ideas for Trash the Dress you see in the internet are: the bride and groom lying in the dirt, pouring paint on each other, going crazy in the water (sea or river) or set fire to a wedding dress (even while the bride still in it).

Original ideas for Trash the Dress photo session:

רעיונות לטראש דה דרס

רעיון לטראש

צילומי זוגיות

צילומי זוגיות רעיונות

רעיונות לצילומי טראש

רעיונות לטראש

טראש דה דרס רעיונות

צילום טראש

צילומי טראש


צלם טראש

צלמת טראש במרכז

צלמת טראש תל אביב

צילומי זוגיות מדליקים

צילומי טראש בתל אביב

צילומי טראש רעיונות

רעיונות לצילומי זוגיות

צילום טראש

רעיונות מקוריים לטראש דה דרס

רעיונות לצילומי טראש דה דרס

רעיונות מדליקים לטראש

צילומי זוגות מיוחדים


A kiss in the sea

Ideas for Trash The Dress

Energy of life


Paint war

Idea for Trash The Dress

Into the ocean

Idea for Trash The Dress session

I am strongly in favor of classic wedding photography, but you may use your imagination and experiment the day after the wedding, not afraid to get dirty while not being rushed by a tight schedule. These photos may even be included into the wedding album.

New fresh and original ideas for Trash the Dress:

1. “The Day After” – the bride is busy serving her husband. In a wedding dress she: washes, cleans, cooks and does other house choirs. At that time, the husband is sitting on the couch with a beer, watching football, pointing out areas that need to be cleaned. If you know how to portray emotions, this is for you!

2. Immediately after the wedding and before the wedding night, in the hot tub with foam, with illuminated or colored water. The groom in a suit, the bride in a wedding dress. You can light candles around and make the shoot by candlelight without additional light sources. It will be even more mysterious.

3. Photo shoot at the Dead Sea will be relevant in any season. The bride and groom are in the water in different funny poses. This idea can be developed in different ways: from the comical to the very trashy. As a result, in the most beautiful place you’ll get beautiful, artistic and interesting photos.

4. Bride surrounded by bats. That’s the kind you’ve never seen anywhere and you’ll be able to impress your friends and even yourself. You can get especially interesting pictures if you are truly scared of bats. Strong emotions and “trash” are guaranteed!

5. The concept of «Trash the dress – Trash the bride» is hardly used. The bride in a beautiful wedding dress can be photographed among the landfills or in the car repair shop.