Pregnancy photo session in Israel

Modern medicine of the highest level, a comfortable setting, great service and a warm climate – these are the reasons that make women all over the world to have their pregnancy and birth of a child in Israel.

Many pregnant women from Russia and Ukraine come here and make an unforgettable stunning pregnancy photo sessions in nature or in a warm atmosphere of their homes.

I want to share with you the original pregnancy photo session of Catherine in Caesarea. This session demonstrates what amazing and excellent results can be achieved through the efforts and preparation, development of ideas and images before the photo shoot.

Initially we planned to take unusual , interesting and fancy-dress photographs. Catherine took an active part in the success of the shooting: specifically for the photo session, sunbathed and bought costumes.

Surely, having good taste and sense of style, Catherine picked up interesting clothes for the image of the “glamorous bunny”. Living room made of wood well emphasized beautiful and tanned skin. A soft white sofa gave a great contrast.

It would also like to thank the talented make-up artist Inara Polishchuk, who helped create the two images: from the calm beige and brown tones to bright and playful image.

From my personal point of view, I was very pleased that Catherine has decided to be captured in the photographs as a beautiful and sexy woman. After all, pregnancy is the result of manifestation of female sexuality and the two shouldn’t be separated.

After the “home” shoot, we rushed to the beach for sunset. Barely had time to make some interesting shots: as usual, the desire to photograph and be photographed was present, but the sunset time is very limited.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful pregnancy photographs!


צלם הריון במרכז